Deciding which milk replacer to utilize can be quite challenging. Below are several key things you ought to be alert to when coming up with this decision, as not all milk replacers are produced equal. The primary nutrients of milk replace rare carbohydrates, protein, energy,  vitamins, and minerals. When evaluating which milk replacer to utilize on the farm, consider: The age of the calf you’re feeding. Calves less than three weeks of age can’t digest exactly the same ingredients as older animals. The way the milk replacer is manufacturedHow much hot water you’ve available ingredients. A top quality milk replacer will have the set of ingredients on the tag listed so as from highest to lowest Less costly products are usually not all-milk protein milk replacers.

Top Brand of Milk Replacer

Premolar Bovine IgG Plus Colostrum Replacer

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calves like it and take to it nicely. Mixes/dissolves easily as well. The highest level of immunoglobulin proteins per gram. It’s USDA Licensed (US Vet License No. 439), it safe continuously tested for peace of mind, Concentrated, easy mixing colostrum replacer.

                    Top 5 calf milk replacer Review

we are founding top 5 calf milk replacer, let’s see below  which one top 5 in our review,

   Manna Pro Suckle Pro Nutritional Supplement

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Suckle pro-Calf Milk Replacer has 22% protein and 20% fat Easy-to-Mix for Fast Prep and Optimal Consumption Support Gut Health, Digestion, Growth, Development & Overall Well-Being. it is also Nutritional Supplement Calf Milk Replacer with Probiotics. 

Purina Animal Nutrition High Energy Nurse Chow 100 Calf Milk Replacer

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Purina Calf Milk Replacer has  High Energy and specific calf starter designed for growth and maintenance feeding.  calf weight and health must be considered in implementing this program. your calf performance goals and expectations,

Hi Nutra Plus Calf Milk Replacer

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Hi, Nutra Plus Calf Milk Replacer has sav a calf product, it has a plasma, high protein, Probiotics, energy and Contains yeast cell sugars it’s will be healthy and Natural.

Manna Pro Suckle Pro Nutritional Supplement 25 Lbs

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Suckle Pro Calf Milk Replacer Supports Growth, Development  Overall Well-Being and Easy-to-Mix for Fast Prep and Optimal Consumption. it has 20% Fat and 22% protein. 

Ultra Start 150 Calf Colostrum Replacer

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Ultra Start 150 Calf Colostrum Replacer is a source of critical natural. it can be the mix easily and completely. Also can use one Replacer and 3 supplement feedings. 

Five Tips to Choose the Best Calf Milk Replacer

Protein and fat sources

Look for a calf milk replacer with highly digestible fat sources. Great fat sources include whole milk fat, lard, tallow and limited levels of soy, palm or coconut oil,? says Olson. ?Protein sources can include all-milk proteins.

Protein and fat levels

Crude protein and crude fat are the primary ingredients in a leg milk replacer and represent the product’s formulation. As an example, a 20:20 milk replacer contains 20 percent crude protein and 20 percent crude fat.

Vitamin and mineral content

?Exactly like children, bottle calves need vitamins and minerals to grow properly and feel their utmost,? says Olson.

Vitamins A, D, and E, along with B-complex vitamins are crucial to a healthy body, growth and immune function.

?Calcium and phosphorus play big roles in bone development,? says Olson. ?Milk replacer for calves should contain between 0.75 and 1.25 percent calcium and at the very least 0.7 percent phosphorus.?

 Appearance, smell and consistency

How the product looks, smells and mixes can be important. Dry milk replacer powder should be cream to light tan in color and free from lumps and foreign material. Powder that’s browned’significantly is suffering from reduced nutrient quality and flavor,? says Olson. ?It’s normal to see a really tiny amount of tiny brown specks from the milk powder drying process.?

Easy to use

Choose a leg milk replacer with clear, easy-to-understand mixing instructions and detailed feeding directions. Feeding your bottle-fed calves should be a fun chore, Olson says. Clear, thorough instructions can help you feel confident you’re meeting your calves’needs because they grow.